Grey On A Spring Day by Andrea Wootton



DIMENSIONS (Height - 120.00 cm X Width - 120.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-3482-0225-01
COPYRIGHT © Andrea Wootton


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Artist: Andrea Wootton


Andrea Nova Wootton




1967 Born In Melbourne

1989 -1991 Lived Worked and Painted in Santorini Greece

1991- 1996 Account Executive Ansett Airlines

1996-2002 Account Director Creative Adcorp Australia

1998  Diploma  in Interior Design

1998  Director , Designer Ratfink Interior Design

1999-2004 Owner and Designer Ratfink retail clothing label

2000 -2013 Director Ratfink Media Advertising Agency

2013 Study at Peninsula Art Society

2012 - 2015 Study with Cheryl Petersen Gallery

2015 – Currently studying with Peninsula Art Space



1991 Santorini Palace Greece

Group Exhibition


1998 Linden Gallery St Kilda

Group Exhibition

1999  Beach Street Gallery Port Melbourne

artsistar Spring Flower Show

2002 Customs Wharf Gallery Williamstown

artsistar Exhibition

2013 Cheryl Petersen Gallery Somerville

Group Exhibition

2013 Art & Frame Show Exhibition Centre Melbourne

artsistar Exhibition

2013 - present South Yarra Art House

represented artist

2014 WoodernFern Gallery Red Hill

artsistar Exhibition “Winter”

2014-present Tusk Gallery South Yarra

represented artist

2014-present Gallery Sorrento

represented artist

2014-2015 WoodernFern Gallery Red Hill

represented artist

2015 WoodernFern Gallery Red Hill

solo exhibition “Skulls & Gulls”

2016- DACE awarded “Peoples Choice Award”


Andrea’s artworks explore the playful, vibrantly coloured aspects of nature, a satirical view of life and all it’s wonderful creatures. Andrea was born into a family of artists. She and her sister have curated several exhibitions together.  Andrea has always been drawn to the aesthetic, choosing careers, which demand a mix of creativity and entrepreneurship, such as Interior design, Fashion and Advertising. Andrea has extensively travelled the world exploring all of its galleries and drawing on these experiences when brush meets canvas. Since 2011 her focus has been drawn back into her art and as such has found herself screen printing in New York, drawing in Paris and exhibiting in Melbourne."

"For two fabulous years  Andrea was an understudy to her father, and closely followed his artistic style . In 2013 Andrea Studied at Peninsula Art Society and from 2011 - 2015 Andrea studied with Cheryl Petersen Gallery,  Andrea is currently painting at Peninsula Art Space, and her primary medium is acrylic, which suits the vibrancy of her subjects."

"Andrea's work can be viewed at Gallery Sorrento, Tusk Gallery and South Yarra Art House "